Focus: Ruler of Your Reality

Several years ago I attended a seminar where the speaker discussed the power of focus. As humans we experience overwhelming amounts of sensory input at any given second. If we did not enjoy the ability to focus our attention, we’d be unable to perform even the simplest of tasks. Much of our thought process, therefore, deals with omitting huge amounts of nonessential incoming information. So… big life lesson here: what we choose to focus on (and much of focus is a choice) forms our reality!

I’ve seen this fundamental truth play out in the lives of those around me and in my own thoughts and reactions many, many times. Although I confess to not always honoring the power of focus, this lesson was brought home to me recently in very real ways.

I was at a book signing for Land the Job You Love and several people came up to talk with me and tell me the reasons why they couldn’t find employment. Every suggestion I gave these particular folks was met with a response along the lines of: “no that won’t work because…” (fill in the blank). I realized then that they probably wouldn’t find a job—not because they weren’t qualified—but because their mind was set against it. They were spending the majority of their energy and focus concentrating on roadblocks. How might their chances change if they switched their thinking to “how can I make this happen?” With that question in mind, their thoughts would naturally turn to opening up options and creating new opportunities for themselves. Being focused and flexible are keys to moving forward in your job search.

Focus also plays a role in our everyday health and wellbeing. I interviewed Maureen Minnehan Jones, a registered nurse, certified massage therapist, and guided imagery practitioner who recently authored a fascinating book, Wisdom to Wellness: Healing Your Emotional Sufferings so the Physical Healing Can Follow. She points to the “common thread of disease” and offers a powerful healing technique she calls “MO” for Modus Operandi. Maureen believes emotional root causes underlie physical ailments. By unearthing these emotional roots and shifting your focus (my terms), you can promote self-love and healing.

So next time you hear yourself saying: “I can’t,” “I’d never be able to,” or “I’m not artistic/clever/organized/etc. enough to…” stop and shift your focus to “how can I make this happen?” A simple switch in focus can open up a world of opportunity!



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