Intuitive Counselor Review

Wisdom to Wellness is one of this year’s gems for your book self. Maureen shares her MO Technique (Modus Operandi) in healing. Maureen has done well bringing the reader into the area of self empowerment and healing. Her communication style is clear and easy to follow.

As an energy healer, I see all illness coming from an energetic frequency. Maureen understands the physical body as a Registered Nurse but has also developed a technique to help move the energetic blocks causing physical illness. A bridge helping those new to the spiritual approach in healing.

The book’s focus is on soul discoveries verses a cure. These discoveries are the key to awakening the healing from within. Maureen describes how this was a life saver in her own life after a difficult divorce and illnessThe MO technique is applied throughout the book to many common illnessesby exploring the soul discoveries. Chapters include discoveries in many common diseases of the body such as Allergies, AIDS/HIV, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Cancer and many more.A great reference for anyone ready to embark on healing without drugs or surgery.


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