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Wisdom to Wellness: Healing Your Emotional Sufferings so the Physical Healing Can Follow – A book review by Bev Hollander, BSN, MS, HNC-BC, FCN-Imagery International
I had the wonderful opportunity to read Maureen Minnehan Jones, RN, Guided Imagery Practitioner’s exciting new book (released March25th by O-Books).  She melds Imagery, as you and I know it, with a Holistic intention for healing of Mind, Body & Spirit.  She incorporates spirit into healing in order to prevent the many faces of disease.  She thinks of the Spirit as Soul.
Her book especially resonated with me in terms of its alignment with Nonviolent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg’s communication theory).  This alignment is exemplified by the following statement from her book: “Anger really means there’s a deep need inside that must be fulfilled.  I teach my clients how to see and understand that need and then fulfill it.”
Maureen posits that Love is the universal energy of life and Self-love is the energy that sustains the body.  She believes these two are the fundamental missing links that keep many of us from living healthy lives.  She absolutely believes that if we experience self-love, diseases of the heart and body would disappear.  Disease is a wake-up call, according to Maureen.
Another belief that Maureen shares in her book, one that explains how & why disease develops in the body, is that our soul signs up for specific learning and discovery goals in this life.  If we go off course, our body lets us know, often through the appearance of disease.  And because we all have different soul goals, each one of us can be affected by different diseases.
She has created a very specific Imagery technique most easily explained by using her own words: “The Modus Operandi Technique [MO] has become a powerful tool for understanding how the emotional and soul determinates underlie physical ailments.  A person’s unique [MO] pertains to how he or she operates in the world, which is determined by lifelong programming.  By understanding our [MO], we can free ourselves from the shackles of our life history.”
Another quote from her book illustrates the intention of the process: “The MO Technique reprograms the subconscious, superconscious, and conscious minds through four elements: (1) healing energy to balance the chakras, (2) Imagery to release emotional sufferings that underpin the disease, (3) positive energy instilled back into the body to reprogram the superconscious, and (4) affirmations to reprogram the conscious mind.”
By using the MO Technique, emotional sufferings can be released from cellular memory and replaced with truth at the soul level.  Her technique includes a process for balancing the Chakras.  She explains them and their relationship to health and healing in great depth.
I found the 12 step description of the MO Technique a tiny bit confusing.  I had to re-read it twice before I completely understood it as she lays out the blueprint and then appears to change it.  Actually, upon my re-read, I realized she is describing how the Imagery and final steps change as the underlying emotional suffering issue changes.  One other aspect that Maureen clarified for me is the infinity sign chakra work.  From the text, it was not clear if the infinity signing was to be done to each individual chakra or over the entire chakra system.  Maureen clarified that signing over the entire system is the proper way.  She will be considering the language changes in future editions.
A delightfully interesting and wide ranging list of disease states completes the balance of the book after the Technique is fully explained. The topics range from AIDS/HIV to Cancer to Migraine Headaches and include chronic illness and a variety of neurological illnesses as well.  In these descriptions, she illustrates the underlying emotional sufferings and soul discoveries of a particular disease state and also includes a case history whenever possible to illustrate the healing that she believes will occur with the MO Technique.  She closes with several testimonials from her clients.
I think she is offering us a life changing complement to the many self-healing techniques that exist.  Her MO Technique stimulates work/processing at many levels simultaneously – energetically, emotionally and rationally incorporating both right and left brain as well as the chakra system. I found it to provide a refreshing change of pace from the many self-help books available.
I did wonder for a moment if individuals might not find themselves in a self-blame place as in, “It’s my fault I am sick.”  I suppose this is always a risk when one believes there is more to disease than a pure body process and, instead, one that includes programmed ways of thinking and emotional wounds.
Maureen offers a CD on her web site ( that guides individuals through the MO technique to release The Common Thread of Disease (lack of self-love, powerlessness, anger and resentment).  The CD also has Imagery and guidance for the grounding procedure, infinity sign and cleansing and balancing the chakras.


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