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Maureen Minnehan Jones’s book is based upon the Modus Operandi (MO) technique and in keeping with the concept of spiritual healing it focuses on the causes of the illness which can be set in childhood rather than a cure. Tackle the causes of the dis-ease and the symptoms will go away and in that respect this book is an invaluable resource for healing practitioners as it identifies the depth to which negative life experiences can affect people’s health.

She states two profound truths that “love is the universal energy that sustains life” and that “self love is the energy that sustains the body”. The latter is the common thread that runs throughout the healing strategies in the book so is the release of pent up anger, powerlessness, and resentment.

I was impressed with the use of Win Aura bio feedback software to diagnose and monitor changes in the aura and chakras, it’s a mix of the spiritual and high tech approach that enables wellness and recovery to be effectively monitored. This was evident in the many case histories that demonstrate the effectiveness of the MO technique and how emotional suffering does have a direct effect on our well being.

It is well known that a positive frame of mind is essential to combat any form of illness, this book is invaluable in being able to give structure to identify and monitor the therapeutic steps that can be taken to help someone achieve what can be an undefined concept. What I like about the MO technique is that it includes a variety of other well know modalities according to the illness such as exercise, visualization, meditation, and balancing the chakras. It’s not just about combating illness it’s about changing people’s perception of themselves and as such contains an element of life coaching to help people lead a more positive life as a result of emotional healing.

I am pleased that I reviewed this book as it is something that I can use myself, and would highly recommend it as essential reading for anyone involved in complementary healing.

Trevor Mayes

Qualified Colour Therapist and Owner of The New Age Blog


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