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Wisdom To Wellness


I just finished reading a really good book by Maureen Minnehan Jones, called Wisdom To Wellness.  The book is based on her own method of healing others, called the MO (Modus Operandi) Technique.  I like it because she explains the whole technique and you can follow it yourself at home, if you wish.

As she explains The Modus Operandi Theory -

How and why disease develops in the body:

  • Our programming from conception throughout life determines our Modus Operandi, the way we think and feel about ourselves, and the disease we might develop.
  • Our programming is determined by first asking, “What did my soul sign up to learn or discover in this school of life?”
  • Life goals are selected by a person’s soul, which refers to individual agreements we decided to learn to fulfill our divine potential before coming into this world.  At conception, we begin the journey of meeting those life goals.  Our families and life experiences give us the opportunity to understand and achieve the goals we’ve selected.

When we go off course and our life goals are not being met, the body reveals it in many ways.  One way is through disease.

The first part of the book lays the groundwork for her healing technique, and covers such topics as the common thread of disease, the role of chakras in health and healing, and using the infinity symbol as a way to break down the barriers between the self and the ‘source energy’.

Along the way, you’ll learn about the concepts of

  • signature emotional suffering (of a disease),
  • unique emotional suffering (how a disease affects each unique individual),
  • and the universal soul discovery (the message of a disease).

When you use the MO Technique, you’ll be working with the following three principles:

  • Self love
  • Not being a victim
  • Releasing anger and resentment

In chapter seven, Maureen reveals the entire 12 step process of releasing the emotional suffering with the MO Technique.  I found it to be very practical, easy-to-follow, and effective.  It’s quite similar to healing steps I do with myself and others.  She’s managed to put it all together into a user-friendly system that you can learn at home, and apply to yourself, if you wish.

The other half of the book, which I found quite fascinating, covers various diseases and ailments and how they’re connected to the thoughts and feelings and previous events of our lives.  Everything from allergies to Parkinson’s disease is explained in terms of emotional suffering, and the soul’s discoveries.

In other words,  what events in our lives occurred to create various emotional problems, which eventually ended up manifesting as the particular disease.  What happened in the past?  What set the stage?  What types of emotional responses and emotional baggage must we have, to end up with our unique ailment?

And what is the message this disease can teach us?   What is its wisdom?

These questions and more are answered for 18 specific ailments and diseases.  If you want to learn the messages behind cancer, heart disease, and AIDS, this is the book you’ll want to read.  It’s backed up by numerous case studies, and years of work in her private practice.

I love her technique, and I heartily recommend you buy this book, and apply the knowledge in your own life.


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