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Ernest Dempsey — GHN presents the following interview with a successful professional healer with the permission of the journal Recovering the Self where the interview was originally published.

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Maureen Minnehan Jones is the author of the recent book Wisdom to Wellness (O Books, 2011) wherein she shares with readers the essence of her successful healing techniques as well as the theoretical framework for addressing the root cause of disease. Her book educates readers on the often-ignored side of all disease—our emotional self and its deep relation with our life energy, which manifest in our physical condition. Given that emotional sufferings are frequently associated with abuse of various kinds, I called on Maureen Jones for a short conversation for RTS, asking her about the Modus Operandi (MO) technique, which is her contribution to the world of therapy/healing. Readers are welcome to send their feedback on any recovery/healing issues relating to the interview as given below.

Ernest: Maureen, when exactly was it that you started discovering that the inner emotional suffering is the root cause of most or all diseases we catch?

Maureen: As a registered nurse (RN), I cared for patients in the hospital for several years, but had always wondered about the underlying causes of disease, knowing the traditional medical world does not have cures for most diseases.

After a difficult divorce, I hit bottom emotionally. On my way back up, I discovered a philosophy that transformed my life and launched a career teaching alternative methods of healing. On this healing journey, I was introduced to Dr. Michael J. Lincoln’s book Messages from the Body: Their Psychological Meaning. At that point, I was working as a health practitioner, assisting clients/patients to heal. I started helping them release the underlying psychological “messages” of their diseases with great success.

For the past two decades, my studies and writing have delved into the soul discoveries that various diseases present. These discoveries are the “gems of truth” that allow healing to take place on multiple levels—including the emotional level. These soul discoveries reveal the emotional components of why and how an illness is manifested.

Once we know that, we can accept our wounds with compassion, not judgment. We can also show compassion to any unconscious patterns that pop up. Then using our super conscious mind, we can delete patterns that keep the wounds of disease from healing.

That’s how I assist clients. I help each one release the negative out of the subconscious mind, tap into the super conscious mind, so it can impart a positive meaning to something that might have seemed negative to the consciousmind. By reprogramming all three minds, people experience a shift in perspective at a very deep level.

Ernest: Tell us a little about your MO technique and how you came to develop it.

Maureen: The MO Technique came to me in a meditation. During the meditation, I saw myself using the aura machine and balancing a client’s chakras in a procedure that uses the infinity sign and guided imagery to release the “message” of the disease.

As a registered nurse (RN), I knew that the body had to be in balance for it to heal; so I studied and took courses to learn about the aura, the chakra system, and chakra balancing. (Ancient healers believed that the aura holds the key to a person’s physical and spiritual state. The function of the aura is to carry, store, and transmit or receive energies that are around us constantly. The chakra system helps our bodies function properly.) I studied and became a Guided Imagery Practitioner through Beyond Ordinary Nursing. From there, I began testing my MO Technique with clients and saw how well it worked.

In 1997, I received a diagnosis of megaloblastic anemia. My oncologist wanted to perform a bone marrow biopsy because he thought I might have cancer. So I used the MO Technique on myself and within 40 days, my blood work showed all normal levels. In fact, it has been measured to be normal ever since. I knew it was my test and I passed it. Over the past 14 years, I have been doing the same for clients, helping them release the emotional components of their diseases.

Ernest: So would you call MO as a scientific approach to healing?

Maureen: The proof of the MO Technique comes through my clients who have shared their stories, many of them in my book, Wisdom to Wellness. Using the MO Technique for more than 14 years, I’ve had lots of time to observe that it works.

As an example, a 60-year-old woman named Clairefell and fractured her hip while putting up Christmas decorations. Her orthopedic surgeon pinned the hip but she still had excruciating pain and could barely walk. The emotional components of hip problems that resonated with Clairewere: nonsupport, feeling disconnected, and not moving forward in life.

Claireran a successful hair salon but did not feel supported by her husband in this endeavor. The “not feeling supported” part went back to her childhood when her belief system was set up. Early on, she didn’t feel supported in life. (When we carry around that energy of non support, we attract the same energy; we attract people who do not support us.)Clairewas able to see this truth and change her belief system using the MO Technique. She healed her feeling of disconnection (hips represent points of connection) and she also looked at her life purpose, so she could move forward in life. She was so grateful and said her hip felt much better after one session. This not only helped reduce the pain in her hip but reduced the overall pain in her life.

Ernest: What are the diseases which can be treated effectively using your MO therapy technique?

Maureen: The underlying “message” of any symptom, condition, or disease can be released with the MO Technique. The MO Technique is built on tapping into the super conscious mind so it can impart a positive meaning to something that might have seemed negative to the conscious mind.

The super conscious mind is also where our spirit integrates with our humanity. So tapping into it allows us to experience a shift in perspective at a very deep level. In turn, doing that allows us to hear super conscious messages from our soul through many avenues. One of those avenues is disease.

Think of it this way: Disease is a way our spirit talks directly to us! It’s delivering a message and we have to be open to discovering its meaning in order to heal. When we do discover its meaning, our soul and spirit are elated. And when we “get” our soul’s message, what follows? Self-empowerment and healing.

Please know that I work with individuals who have health challenges and they come to me. However, I refer any clients who have mental issues or problems I am not qualified to treat to a qualified therapist.

Ernest: Wisdom to Wellness informs us that some common and serious health problems result from abuse of our emotional self, something that sooner or later will express as physical illness. What are the main symptoms we must watch for in order to realize that we need MO treatment?

Maureen: I probably would not call it “abuse of our emotional self”. Rather, it stems from not being taught that serious health problems could have an underlying emotional cause or a “message” that the body is sending when a health problem occurs. In addition to “message”, it can also be called the “psychological meaning of disease or emotional sufferings”.

All health problems have an underlying cause. The MO Technique releases the underlying cause of any symptom, condition, or disease that a person might develop.

To help prevent disease, I encourage people to ask these questions of themselves:

1. Do I have self-love as the foundation of my body? Do I come from a place of love in all aspects of my life?Know that love is the universal energy that sustains life; self-love is the energy that sustains the body.

2. Do I always keep my DNA (Dynamic Natural Authentic) power? Access yourDNA Power by asking, “How do I solve this problem?” Refuse to feel like a powerless victim. Release powerlessness with the MO Technique whenever you feel like a victim. Believe that every problem has a solution, even if professional help is needed to find that solution.

3. Do I release anger and resentment? Learn to release anger and resentment every time it comes up so it doesn’t build in the body and trigger an ailment. Learn to turn anger into happiness by asking, “What do I need?” Then fulfill that need on the spot.

Ernest: Maureen, please also explain how a person’s self-esteem relates to their disease resulting from emotional suffering?

Maureen: Our self-esteem results from our learned behavior, also called our programming. Our parents, teachers, and family dynamics hypnotize us to construe the world into what we hear, see, and take as our truth. In effect, they label the world for us in our early years.

Over time, we attach names and give voices to all beings and events in our lives. But before long, our labels tend to confine us. They create patterns that define us. As a result, we can’t “read” or interpret the world in any other language; we can’t “hear” the other things the world might say to us.

This way of “reading” the world becomes our MO or modus operandi. It defines how each of us operates. Our programming creates this hypnotic spell and it’s our task to break that spell. When we do, we can hear, see, and think in a way that comes from a place of greater awareness. We let the world speak to us in new voices. We then write down its possible meanings into a new book of our existence.

The MO Technique addresses one’s self image by changing a belief system that was created early in life but that’s no longer one’s truth today. Through the MO Technique, we learn to look at our truth and change our individual belief system to match the truth of the present, not the past.

Ernest: Fear lies at the core of this abuse-disease web. Do you agree?

Maureen: Fear comes from not trusting our divine existence. Once we know at a deep level that we are safe and protected, then the fear can dissipate. Life can unfold effortlessly and we don’t have to “make” things happen. Instead, we enjoy a free, relaxed, and peaceful state because we have a connection to our source.

When they believe there are no cures for most diseases, people become fearful. But we do have a chance at being cured. The MO Technique can be used in tandem with traditional medicine to address the underlying causes from different viewpoints.

Ernest: From what I read in your book, MO technique gives significantly good results in a fairly short period of time as compared with other kinds of treatment. What kinds of diseases caused by emotional issues among emotionally abused people are the hardest to treat?

Maureen: Each case is treated on an individual basis and therefore depends on the person and his/her belief system. As you read in my book, some people were healed very quickly using the MO Technique while others, like the client with lymphoma, required several sessions a month for months. It’s because we are not all at the same level of evolution. What takes one person one session to heal might take another person with a similar health problem several sessions. My clients tell me that each session improves their life dramatically. It provides an increasing awareness that leads to empowering themselves to heal their own emotional discoveries.

Ernest: And what are some of the main factors that can or do cause relapse of patients taking MO therapy?

Maureen: The main cause for relapse might be connected to the 40-day affirmation, which is part of the MO Technique. The homework is to do affirmations for 40 days in a row to instill a new habit. This requires an unwavering commitment. Many times, clients will do their affirmations for a few days; then forget to do them. The greatest success comes when a person is committed to healing and follows through by reciting the affirmations for 40 days in a row.

Also, clients may have several “messages” about their illnesses; releasing them takes more than one session. Plus, because the MO Technique is usually not covered by insurance, it can be financially challenging for people to continue the sessions.

Ernest: I think we have a large number of children abused actively or passively, i.e. via neglect. Have you been treating children with MO Technique? If so, does their treatment differ in some important respect from that of adult patients?

Maureen: I have only worked with a small number of children. I’ve found that children tend to be good with imagery because they don’t question whether they’re doing it right or wrong, as adults sometimes do. The MO Technique applies to children the same ways as it does to adults.

Ernest: One interesting thing I read in your book was your treatment of a cat having a serious disease. Do pets also have the same root cause of disease as humans?

Maureen: Animals are feeling, thinking beings. Geese mate for life. Elephants bury their dead. A mother seal sheds tears physiologically when her pup is clubbed by hunters. Like humans, animals are living souls. They have the capability to take on some of our diseases because they are pure, unconditional love and want only the best for us.

I have treated my own pets and a few friends’ animals. For example, one of my friends’ dog would not eat. While I was treating this dog, I intuitively asked the question “where is kitty?” My friend told me their kitty had passed away a couple days before. So we sat down with her dog and explained that “kitty” has passed away, saying she was very happy in her new place. After receiving that news in a loving way, the dog got up, walked over to his dog bowl, and stated eating.

Clearly, animals share the gifts of consciousness and life with us. They deserve to be recognized as such.

Ernest: I assume the costs associated with MO therapy are much less than traditional medical treatment. Is it so?

Maureen: The sessions are 1½ to 2 hours each and the fee is $150.00.

Ernest: Maureen than you so much for your precious time and this interesting, informative session for RTS!

Maureen: I’m delighted that you asked to learn about the MO Technique and the missing piece to complete healing—the underlying psychological “messages” of disease! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I truly appreciate your time and kindness.


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