Emotional Healing through Yoga and Meditation Review

 Wisdom to Wellness


Healing Your Emotional Sufferings so the Physical Healing Can Follow.


When you ask people to identify the most important aspect of their life, what do they say? You guessed it: their health and the health of their loved ones.


This book reflects an original concept in the connection between mind, body and soul wellness. The Modus Operandi (MO) Technique becomes the model for people to look compassionately inside themselves and take responsibility for their illnesses.


As a Registered Nurse, I cared for patients in the hospital for several years but had always wondered about the underlying causes of disease. After a difficult divorce, I hit bottom. On my way back up, I discovered a philosophy that transformed my life and launched a career teaching alternative methods of healing.


In our lives, we face traumas that often bruise and hurt us. They bruise us not only on bodily levels but also on emotional and mental levels. But unless we are able to release the energetic imprints of such traumas, they remain within our mind/body-based energy field.  The energetic imprints that linger in our bodies and minds can cause discomfort and eventually disease.


Emotional Trauma Can Cause Disease


We begin life with the world presenting itself to us as it is.


Our parents, teachers, and family hypnotize us to construe the world into what we hear and see and take as our truth. In effect, this labels the world for us. Over time, we attach names and give voice to the beings and events in our lives. Before long, our labels confine us. They create patterns that define us. We cannot read the world in any other language or hear the other things the world might say to us.


This way of “reading” the world becomes our MO, our modus operandi. It’s how each of us operates in the world.

Our task, therefore, is to break the hypnotic spell created by our programming. When we do, we can hear, see, and think in a way that speaks our innate truth. We let the world speak to us in new voices. We then write down all its possible meanings in a new book of our existence.


Disease is a way our spirit talks directly to us! The disease is bringing a message—a message that we have to be open to discover in order to heal. When we do discover that message, our souls and spirits are elated.

And when we “get” our soul’s message, what follows? Self-empowerment and healing.


My studies and writing for the past two decades delve into the soul discoveries that illnesses present. These discoveries are the “gems of truth” that allow healing to take place on multiple levels—including the emotional level.


Allowing Emotional Healing to Take Place


Yes, I’m saying these soul discoveries reveal the emotional component of why and how an illness is manifested. Once we know that, we can accept our wounds with compassion. We can also show compassion to the unconscious patterns that still prop us up. Then through our super conscious, we can then delete those patterns that keep the wounds from healing. We can delete and transform those patterns with the MO Technique-a combination of chakra balancing, releasing the block wall of fear with the infinity sign and guided imagery to reprogram the subconscious, super conscious and conscious mind.


And here’s the bonus. When we allow ourselves to open to our soul discoveries, we can become our true selves. We can live in our true nature . . . our whole nature . . . our perfect nature.


Maureen Minnehan Jones is the author of Wisdom to Wellness just released by O-Books on March 25th. She loves being a Registered Nurse, and is delighted to be a Guided Imagery Practitioner and the creator of the powerful MO Technique.


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