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Shingles Pain Intensity Dropped to a 2 Overnight!

Hi Maureen,
Thank you for the powerful session yesterday!
I woke up with a 50-60% improvement- waaaaaay less intensity to the pain ( level 6-7 dropped to 2 ), the red marks (Shingles) on my skin are distinctly less "red and angry looking", they look to be healing. -N.P.

Plantar Fasciitis Gone in One Session and My Real Estate Business is Flourishing!

I came to see Maureen after I saw a presentation she did on her work. At the time, I was struggling with very painful plantar fasciitis in my left foot which was preventing me from doing all of the things that I normally enjoy, like walks with my husband. It was so painful, that I had a hard time walking and would hobble out of bed each morning. I have tried all the shoes, ortho inserts, etc. but nothing really helped.
I was also struggling with my business. My real estate business had slowed and the transactions that I did have all seemed to be more difficult than ever!
Through her technique, Maureen helped me identify what belief systems were creating my difficulties and helped me to release it. She was able to help me draw connections to things that I never even considered. She sent me home with my 40 days of affirmations and guess what? Not only was my plantar fasciitis gone the following morning, but I had a brand new listing that day, and 2 more that week. My business is flowing to me and I am back to enjoying gardening and walks with my husband!
I am amazed- but not really! My session with Maureen proved to me that she has a very deep understanding of both Western and Eastern medicine and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to resolve any struggles or issues that they are experiencing. Thank you Maureen! ~Lori

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Your 40 Day Program Worked for Me

I am diabetic and I came to see you for severe pain in my feet. After the healing session and your 40 day program, I have minimal pain in my feet now and can walk without a problem. On a scale of 1-10 my pain was 10 when I came to see you. After your healing session it is now a 1. My A1C test for my Diabetes also dropped from 8.4 to 7.0. Thank you so much Maureen.

~Ron Alexander

Profound Results

Your therapeutic sessions have had profound results on my life and wellness. Recently, I had my CT scan to check the progress of chemo treatments for gynecological cancer. My doctor showed me that my tumors had shrunk to a size of little green peas and said they may not even be cancer anymore,but may be just scar tissue. So I am pleased with my positive progress! You have given me so much. I have learned to release anger when it comes up. I have learned forgiveness and healed my relationship with my mom, and I am healing me. I have gained faith. I talk about you to many people. In essence, my doctor told me he spoke about me as an example at a meeting of a group of oncologists and talked about the dramatic changes I have made. Thank you.


Eternally Grateful

I began appointments with Maureen after I was diagnosed with stage III Lymphoma. Through her MO Technique Maureen helped me understand how illness can be a "wake up call" in life. With her guidance, I learned how various issues and emotions allow disease to develop in the body. I also learned how to deal with these issues and emotions so that the disease could leave my body. After 7 months my CT scan and PET scan were normal, as is all of my blood work. I will be eternally grateful for the learning and healing that I 've experienced with Maureen's help.

~Sandy Schneider

Shifted Key Relationships

"Not only did I get relief from back strain after my session with Maureen, but I fully zeroed in on its cause. The resulting awarenesses have shifted key relationships and caused me to readily (not reluctantly) ask for the support I need. That's powerful! Thanks Maureen."

~Barbara Patton

My Eye is Healed

Maureen--I just wanted to thank you. My right eye is clear. The very next day after the session with you I began to see a difference in my eye. I had my husband look at my my eye and he also saw a difference. I used an antibiotic for 45 days with no results before I saw you. Today four days after my session with you-my eye is healed--you did what no antibiotic did in a month in a half. Lots of Blessings! 

~ Sara Aragon

Loving Energy

While recovering from a radical neck dissection to remove a Stage IV malignancy, I was fortunate to have been told about Maureen and her unique approach to healing "emotional malignancies" which form the basis for many catastrophic illnesses like cancer.  Her healing meditations became an important daily activity which allowed me to survive, not only the cancer itself, but also the radiation and chemotherapy as well. Maureen's loving energy was truly a gift. Thank you Maureen.

~ Andy Carrillo

Chronic Fatique - Gone

I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome by my doctor, and suffered with this disabling condition for four years before meeting Maureen. After one session with Maureen, the chronic fatigue was gone. I know that God healed me through Maureen's special gifts. 

~ Sarah McClain

Regained My Life

I don't feel any of my fibromyalgia symptoms after one session with you. It's unbelievable but I spent New Years on the ski slopes and had no symptoms after skiing.I had tried to ski over the last three years, but not without extreme difficulty and suffered with severe symptoms afterwards. You've enabled me to regain my life! Thank you.

~Sue Yesilada

 Safe and Never Judged

The "mind/body/spirit" I'd been hearing about sounded a bit scary; I envisioned all manner of weird and spooky ejaculations from a 'healer'. Smoke, mirrors, crystal balls. You name it. Not only would a healer look and act strange, but they'd try to coerce me into embracing their bizarre beliefs. Maybe I saw too many "B" movies because I found Maureen to be so "normal", lovely and gifted. The work she did with me was so gentle, I felt safe and never judged. It was fascinating to see the before and after energy pictures of our sessions. And so nice to experience the hope brought out with the energy reading description and Maureen's kind encouragement. Not only was there a change evident on paper, but the way I moved through life and faced situations changed. The shift was perceptible as I found myself experiencing a feeling of being more able and less afraid. Angels do seem to be among us. I recommend her highly and without reservation.

~  Gina Vance

At Ease and Peaceful

I had been overwhelmed by whatever it is I had. I had been told it is all a part of going through your "change". But what I experienced was complete confusion not just forgetfulness. Erratic blood sugar levels that through me into sweats, weakness and confusion. It was getting harder to even do my daily functions. It truly felt as if I was losing control of my life. My husband had convinced me to go to the doctor and get a workup and find out what was wrong. The Dr. even scheduled a CAT scan.

Maureen was home visiting her mother and I had an opportunity to visit with her briefly. I was leery of the actual healing power behind the therapeutic healing. But when Maureen offered to work with me I was willing to try anything. I felt so at ease and peaceful as Maureen worked with me. It's as if slowly things came into perspective and a strong sense of God was very much with me. I have not had any reoccurrence of my illness. The doctor's tests came back normal. I can't express enough gratitude to Maureen as I feel she gave me my life back. Not a day goes by that I don't thank Maureen and God for my once again fulfilled life. Maureen truly has a gift from God.

~ Anne M

A Noticed Difference

I felt GREAT after the session, like I finally found myself….I've been doing the 40 days of sinking in program too. It has changed the way I look at EVERYTHING. My husband has noticed a difference too.

~ Margarete Finn

Worry and Stress Lifted

My mom introduced me to Maureen just before my 17th birthday. Little did I know it would be the greatest gift I received that year.
When I met Maureen I immediately felt comfortable. She has a kind and warm demeanor. She was easy to talk to. After one session, I felt good about myself. All the worry and stress that was weighing on my life felt lifted. Although I've seen Maureen only a few times, the knowledge she has given me continues to improve my life. I just turned 18 years old and  the icing on the cake is the real gift--going to my senior prom with self-confidence.~K.R.

Released Anger

In a healing session Maureen asked me about a loss in my life. A loss that I had forgotten about and had never shared with anyone. As she was working over my chakras, Maureen felt and saw the loss and helped me heal it. The healing technique has helped me release anger and nagging physical symptoms from a painful past. A past that secretly kept me from being truly happy and healthy. My health has improved. I feel lighter and more receptive to good things in my life. Maureen's guidance and healing technique has improved my quality of life.

~ Trina Doyle

Pain Free

I had come to you feeling skeptical, but knowing my massage practitioner thought highly of you, and also knowing that if one has the desire to be healed; one does not necessarily have to believe in the method if it is good. The pain in my lower back was so bad that I could barely get myself to your office. Not only was I extremely uncomfortable, but worried about how I would pack and then drive myself and my three cats from California to Texas.

When I left you I was completely pain-free! Part of me feared that what happened was an illusion, and the pain would return. At first I packed and lifted carefully and then…in a fit of "let's get this over with"… I threw excess caution to the wind. No pain. It took three days to drive to Texas and that's a lot of stress and sitting. No pain. No pain unpacking either. Today, six months later, I have had no flare-ups of low back pain. Maureen I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am in complete awe of your skill.

~ Mai-Liis

Lifted a Weight

Maureen and the M.O. Technique have lifted the weight from my shoulders! I resolved issues in my life that fortunately, had not manifested into critical illness. That is the wonder of the M.O. Technique-- it works for everyone not just individuals suffering from a debilitating illness.

~ Paulette

Energized and Joyful

I felt energized and joyful after my session with Maureen. As I worked with the positive images over the next 40 days I was able to sustain what we'd accomplished. This is big news as so often after a healing session the effects dwindle over time. I still have fun playing with the positive images and do so during meditation.    

~  Lynn-Telford-Sahl, M.A. Psychology with Holistic Specialization, Certified Addiction Counselor, Author of "The Greatest Change of All"

Life Changing

Maureen's work has truly changed my life. She has a wonderful way about her and a way of putting your life's problems in perspective. I've learned a new way of thinking that makes it natural to do the right thing and recognize the wrong. I've grown spiritually more than I could have imagined and know what it is to be a man. Thank you Maureen.

~ Bob

Helped Life in General

I went to see Maureen about an issue with my father. By working with Maureen, I realized I did not have control as a child so one of my survival tools as an adult was to have "hands on control". I have crown baldness (which we have no control over) and to my surprise after the session and releasing the "hands on control" I noticed my hair growing back in on the top of my head. The work I have done with Maureen has not only helped my hair grow in but has helped my life in general. Thank you so much.

~ Lazze

Putting The Secret into Practice

I've seen The Secret, read the book...I understand the law of attraction. But I was having a hard time putting it into practice. I felt stuck, needed a job and nothing was happening. I had heard of Maureen through my friends who had incredible success with her M.O. Technique so I gave it a try. No Joke-RIGHT after my session everything opened up and I had three requests for job interviews. If you want to take The Secret to the next level--release that which is holding you back with Maureen's M.O. Technique.  

~Christine Short

A Fresh Start And A New Look on Life

I received the oh my look when my Dr. found two irregular moles, one on each breast and I was sent to a specialist. A week later I got a phone call from my Dr. that my pap smear had abnormal cells that could lead to cervical cancer. At this point I thought my world was falling apart. Maureen had helped me with back pain a few years earlier so I braced myself and I called her. We started with the problem of the irregular moles on my breasts. She guided me through energy levels and helped me find the problems and release them. She helped me gain the confidence, power, love and energy within myself to be healthy. When I went to the specialist he said everything looked fine. Now to beat problem number two. I had another wonderful session with Maureen. Maureen helped me find my disbelief with myself that was causing the uncertainties in my health. In this treatment I experienced the most amazing thing I have expereinced in life and this will always be with me and guide me. Results from biopsy #2 came back fine. Thanks Maureen--you truly are a blessing-a true angel.    

~Brandi Baugh


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