What is the Missing Piece to Complete Healing?

...Maureen's book, Wisdom To Wellness reveals a missing piece to complete healing, a new paradigm for understanding how disease originates in the body.

By becoming aware of and studying your lifelong programming, the way you show up in life, you can determine your MO or Modus Operandi.

Your programming has set you up for a specific mode of operating in the world from birth.

Understanding and releasing the emotional and soul determinates of disorders that underlie physical ailments is the important crucial piece we are missing in traditional medicine.Each disease brings with it a soul discovery.


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Your MO, combined with what your soul came to discover determines the risk you have for contracting a disease.

By using the MO (Modus Operandi) Technique, the emotional component that underlies the symptom, condition, or disease can be released out of the body. You can then take responsibility and become proactive in your own healing.

Maureen is a Registered Nurse, Emotional Wellness Expert, Author, Speaker and Guided Imagery Practitioner.

"For those who already know or intuit that self-love is the primary path for healing illness, this book absolutely nails the practical steps to get there from here. Practitioners in all modalities owe it to themselves and their patients to digest this book."

Lee Glickstein
Founder and President
Speaking Circles International



Maureen's book or the MO Technique is not intended to be a replacement for good medical diagnosis and treatment. It’s best to ask your physician if this self-healing method could be used with your treatment plan. Therefore, before attempting the MO (Modus Operandi) Technique, it is suggested that you seek the expertise of a trained physician for diagnosis, treatment, and guidance for using this particular therapeutic modality.
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