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In this aura video the client and I are hooked up to an aura machine that picks up both of our energy. The client’s energy is blue and green. When I come into her energy field and give her body unconditional love her aura becomes white light which I call divine healing energy. One thing I know is that unconditional love helps heal on multiple levels.

Function of the Aura

Ancient healers believed that the aura holds the key to a person’s physical and spiritual state. The function of the aura is to carry, store and transmit or receive energies which are around us constantly.

Remember when the world was thought to be flat, the sun was thought to revolve around the earth and these were proven to be false? I predict that the way we treat disease with traditional medicine will be blown out of the water in the next two years.   Putting poisons in our bodies to treat cancer, cutting out organs making other organs work harder and taking medications that interrupt the natural chemistry of the body is not going to make sense.

I predict that one day we will have a Whole Body Scan Aura machine that will pick up the frequencies of disease and it will show that disease starts in the aura. Unconditional love energy directed into the area of the disease frequencies could reverse or help reduce the severity of it.

The Message of Disease

Once the message of the disease or soul discovery is learned the disease does not have to invade the physical body. The soul is the only part of us that goes on after we die so our soul discoveries are important for us to learn. Disease is the roadmap to know what soul discoveries an individual signed up to learn.

The aura or energy perceived as a luminous body was first recorded around 500BC—isn’t that amazing?

The Era of Learning From History

We are coming into an era of “why didn’t we learn from history” in many areas of our life. History will show us that going back to healing the energy of the mind, body and spirit will be the wave of the future. This can be accomplished with the MO (Modus Operandi) Technique.

Wisdom to Wellness

Maureen's book, Wisdom to Wellness was released March 25, 2011 by O-Books.

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