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 Wisdom to Wellness blog describes the "thought pattern" or "emotional component" that underlies symptoms, conditions and diseases and how our thoughts spark ailments in the body.The Modus Operandi (MO)Technique that I invented can release the thought pattern or emotional component out of the cellular memory. 

My first blog is about the thought pattern "but not for me" and the conditions/diseases that it can cause. Just think how much better your life would be if you released "but not for me" and know at your core that you deserve the best in life?

Much more to come!!

(The psychological meaning of the symptoms,conditions and disease presented in this blog are from Messages From The Body:Their Psychological Meaning by Michael J. Lincoln Ph.D. used with his permission.)  (

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Connection is One of the Keys to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Aug 3

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8/3/2010 7:20 AM  RssIcon

I haven’t blogged for awhile!

Sadly, my good friend Rita who had Alzheimer's disease just passed away.She was diagnosed at age 59 and was only 63 when she passed on. It was devastaing and so sad for her family and everyone that knew her. I do hope that my work will help prevent others from getting this dreadful disease.

In the last two months we have gone to six celebrations of life of dear friends.  We have the seventh one to go to at the end of August. All of them were in their prime and had so much to give the world. It has been a very sad time. But it has made my husband and I so grateful for each minute we get to share together on this beautiful earth.Although it has been a very sad time it has helped me step out of my own "private world" and help others as they go through the grieving process. I have also been able to help with food and making flower arrangements etc. As you have read in my article and on this web site--truly connecting with others and ourselves is one of the keys to prevent Alzheimer's disease.

I know some of my friends who have passed on are helping me and are working from the other side. A client called for a consultation and she is in the first stages of Alzheimer’s disease. She said everything that I have wrote about Alzheimer’s in my articles and on my web site fits her to a “T”. I am so honored to work with her. This will hopefully be the breakthrough that we need so that we can not only heal Alzheimer’s but all diseases. We just have to work with the missing piece that traditional medicine does not address.

I have been updating my website which now is  I will be working on it all this month getting it in tip top shape. I have just added a newsletter which you can sign up for. It will be a paragraph or two sent out bimonthly about One Thing You Need to Know About Disease. I will have a tip about each disease that I address in my book. Please sign up!

My book Wisdom to Wellness is coming along. I just received the 2nd proof from the publisher, 0-Books and we now have one more proof to go. We will then work on the book cover. My book, Wisdom to Wellness will be released the first of 2011 if all goes as planned. We are so excited and it will be a dream come true!




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