Speaking Testimonials

Left Hungry For More

It was my distinct pleasure to be present for Maureen’s presentation at the annual conference of Imagery International. From the moment she took the floor, I sensed a relaxed attentiveness from the audience as she articulated her Modus Operandi modality through a combination of fact, personal experience, visual and sound screen display and experiential participation. This was a presentation that stayed with me on many levels long after it was over. I imagine that different people take away different gifts after experiencing Maureen’s work. For me, it was and is the importance of self-love, and how this weaves into all that we have to give to others.

Maureen is a superb speaker. She is kind, dynamic and approachable. Speaking for myself and those around me, we left her talk inspired and hungry for more.

Jenny Garrison R.N.
President, Imagery International


High Caliber Workshop

Maureen presented at our International Imagery annual conference. Her workshop was one of the highest caliber. It was professional and extremely well organized in an impressive power point presentation.  There were also several experiential exercises where the participants practiced the techniques of her Modus Operandi modality.  It was very evident that Maureen embodies her work with great love and passion.  And there is tremendous depth and power in her work.

Susan Ezra, RN, HN-BC
Past President of Imagery International
and conference committee member

Enlightening and Informative

I had the pleasure to listen to Maureen Minnehan Jones' presentation on her book “Wisdom to Wellness.” Maureen was very informative, presented a different approach to disease prevention, and even cure of diseases such as Alzheimer. Maureen reinforced my belief of self love and the importance of it on our every day life, and how it can lead to a healthier life style. Thank you.

~ Luis Amaral, Administrative Assistant, Unity Church of Modest


Inviting Openness and Involvement


Thank you again for kicking off the community Wellness Series at St. Joseph's Medical Center, Stockton, entitled "Know your Mind, Body and Spirit." You engaged all three (mind/body/spirit) throughout your talk. And more importantly every one of the 125 people in the audience was "engaged" in your presentation as you deftly moved from "abstract to concrete", from "head to heart." 

Your relaxed style that includes self disclosure and genuine empathy while speaking with the audience has a way of inviting openness and involvement. I have received feedback that a couple who had a recent loss of a son in Iraq plan on using some of your information and tools as a stepping stone towards their own grief recovery.


Again, thank you for your practical approach to looking at illness while providing avenues for self care and healing.


~ Jim Linderman, Coordinator, Support and Education, St. Joseph's Regional Cancer Center, Stockton  209-461-5069


From the Audience Members


Thank you – you had a logical progression of the healing process and I will take away from your presentation that love is the basis of our being. The affirmation of self-love will be very useful.


~ Bonnie Duncan


I found your information absolutely helpful and relevant to my needs especially the discussion of how negative thought energies affects one’s health.


~ Cheryl Neuenschwander


I thought the actual patients cases were very useful especially the MS patient. My nephew has MS. Thank you!


~ Rosemary Karsting


From your presentation, I have found a long lost way to heal and keep myself healthy. The connection between our MO and illness is very useful.


~ Amparo Colombus


I will now love myself more.


~ Doris Wilson


Interesting how the feeling/inside manifest outside through disease.


~ Deborah


I found your information extremely valuable — I loved hearing about our soul and healing from a nurse’s perspective.


~ Val Lee


Thank you for sharing your gift. You are a good speaker and your belief in and love for healing people comes out in your presentation.


~ Deb Tobinski


Your presentation was pleasant and interesting. I will use right away that the soul is the essence of the self.


~ Elma Mae Henderson


What an excellent informative presentation! I will be cognizant of my beliefs, my responses, myself-talk and mostly self-love. I now understand how beliefs can drive our genetics and we don’t have to be afraid of “its genetics”. But first we must take responsibility for our thinking and our beliefs. I will be getting Maureen’s book at my earliest opportunity.


~ Sofie Pettygrove


Your information was very helpful—I am recharged!


~ Michele Powell


I will be signing up for a session with Maureen and explore my own illnesses.


~ Judy Vivian

Thought Provoking

Maureen Minnehan Jones certainly provoked thought and discussion after her presentation at our meeting of Marriage and Family Therapists. The information she presented regarding healing and body / mind connection was cutting edge, and we appreciated the fact that she has personally used these methods successfully.

Maureen's presentation style was comfortable and professional.  She was able to answer difficult, provocative questions with ease, providing knowledge and referrals.  Her frank discussion of personal experience enhanced the presentation.

Maureen's workshop allowed many of our practitioners to view the mental health services we provide from a new perspective. It encouraged us to seek alternative methods of healing so that we may assist our clients in moving forward with their lives.

We would happily invite Maureen back for an in-depth workshop in the future!

~ Lia Santucci, Central Valley Counseling

Unique and Useful

The information you presented was unique and useful. All of our participants came away from the program with a better understanding of guided imagery and how it can be used to treat the whole person and not just the disease or symptoms. Each person that participated in your program left with tools that could be used to improve their lives.

I have been a nurse for more than 25 years and have worked in both the hospital and as a health educator. The information you presented on guided imagery opens up a new door and fills the gaps that exist in our ability to cure and treat people with varying disorders and disease states. There would be a huge benefit to all concerned if this knowledge became available to health care practitioners in all fields.

Thank you again for presenting this information to our group. Your dedication, passion, and enthusiasm show through everything you do.

~ Susan Baggett, Oak Valley Hospital District

Empowering, Inspirational and Informative

Our ladies are still talking about what a difference it made.

We can now see much of what affects our health not only depends on the way you live your life but also the programming and how our emotions build in the body from our programming.

You made changes not only in their thinking of why and how disease is caused but there was a way to heal every disease without side effects.

Not only was your presentation empowering, inspirational and informative, it provided valuable ways for each of us to begin to immediately act.

~ Karen Milhok , American Assoication of University Women

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