Speaking Topics

One of the  Missing Pieces in Understanding Alzheimer's Disease

Create the Mindset For Success

Unlock The Power Behind Your Full Potential

The Power of Healing Your MO (Modus Operandi)

Transform Your Life By Changing Your Energetic  Vibration and Frequency

The Modus Operandi Technique:Tap Into Your Inner Power to Heal

Know Your Mind, Body and Spirit

The Human Aura 

The Common Thread of Disease

Understanding How Disease Originates and it is Triggered in the Body

Many people who have disease are missing the foundation of the body-self-love. As resentment builds around the events in  our  lives, it may trigger feelings of powerlessness and creates  anger/rage. Because we have not been taught to hear or  understand  the  message  of  the  anger/rage,  or know  that we contain the anger/rage  within  us, we  become  sick.  Understanding The Common Thread of Disease and how disease sparks in the body provides a path to healing.

You will discover:

  • Learn what sparks disease--"how" and "why" disease originates and triggers in the body.
  • The four components of The Common Thread of all disease
  • Learn how to strengthen your cells and immune system with you DNA (Dynamic Natural Authentic) Healing Power.
  • Discover how anger and resentment play a role in triggering disease in the body
  • Discover the component that makes up the foundation of the body and sustains the body.

The Soul Discoveries of Disease

Understanding the Soul Determinants of Disease

Disease presents us with what we have come to learn on this planet or our "soul discoveries". By understanding the Soul Determinates that underlies the physical ailment, it can then free us from the shackles of our life history.

You will discover:

  • How disease reveals our soul discoveries
  • How to tap into your soul consciousness and release disease by using the MO (Modus Operandi) Technique
  • Preventing major disease by learning the soul discoveries of minor symptoms
  • Discover and learn about the unique powerful MO Technique
  • Experience the MO Technique




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