Brandi Baugh

I received the oh my look when my Dr. found two irregular moles, one on each breast . I was sent to a specialist. A week later I got a phone call from my Dr. that my pap smear had abnormal cells that could lead to cervical cancer. At this point I thought my world was falling apart.

Maureen had helped me with back pain a few years earlier so I braced myself and I called her. We started with the problem of the irregular moles on my breasts. She guided me through energy levels and helped me find the problems and release them. She helped me gain the confidence, power, love and energy within myself to be healthy.

When I went to the specialist he said everything looked fine. Now to beat problem number two. I had another wonderful session with Maureen. Maureen helped me find my disbelief with myself that was causing the uncertainties in my health. In this treatment I experienced the most amazing thing I have experienced in life and this will always be with me and guide me. Results from biopsy #2 came back fine. Thanks Maureen--you truly are a blessing-a true angel.