Client: Maureen Minnehan Jones
Book: Wisdom to Wellness
Author: Maureen Minnehan Jones

Featured Excerpt: "The Missing Link in Understanding Alzheimer's -- A Case Study" (Pages 108-116)

The author analyzes the medical history of President Ronald Reagan and reveals how his emotional state might have predicted a path toward Alzheimer's. This excerpt is available for your free use in Text, Word, HTML, and PDF.

"12 Steps to Releasing Emotional Suffering with the Modus Operandi Technique" (Pages 62-69)

Step-by-step instructions for locating the emotional underpinnings of physical illness, expelling those emotions from the body, replacing them with images of the healed self, then sealing the transformation with a series of affirmations.

"Naomi Judd and Emotional Healing" 
(Pages 211-212)

Country music superstar, Naomi Judd, cites the benefits of emotional medicine in her battle with Hepatitis C. She has become a spokesperson for "the scientific link between mind, body and spirit in the healing process."

"Migraines are Related to Perfectionism" 
(Pages 239-240)

Meet Lia, a perfectionist who denies she has abandonment issues -- until she remembers she was adopted. The author also suffered from migraines, and used the MO Technique to free herself of perfectionism and headaches.

"Why Lou Gehrig was Struck with ALS" 
(Pages 216-221)

Gehrig's slump a year before he was diagnosed with ALS may have triggered the disease, but the roots go back to how disappointed his mother was when Lou quit school to join the Yankees.

"Michael J. Fox Wears the Mask of Parkinson's" 
(Pages 252-256)

Michael J. Fox, like many actors, found it difficult to be himself. His upbringing may have led to the need to wear masks -- and a predilection for Parkinson's Diseases, which often results in a mask-like appearance.