I am so grateful how divinely guided I was to the MO technique at just the right time for my own precious soul evolution. Prior to meeting Maureen Jones, I have had successful deep childhood trauma healing through energy psychology and other modalities. Because of the strength of my own inner work over the years, I was ready to go ever deeper with her healing approach. I am so blessed to benefit from Maureen's gifts. She has magically synthesized multiple modalities into one powerful technique. MO feels like a powerful hybrid of so many different modalities I have experienced over the years in separate formats.  Part shamanic soul retrieval, part energy work, part therapeutic witnessing, part soul coach, and so much more than I know to describe in words, all wrapped up in one beautiful experience.

Maureen holds a clear neutral loving energy. Her clear energy creates a safe container for deep exploration. Through various physical ailments I was suffering from at the time, Maureen actively listened to these symptoms as messages of the body to help me sleuth the trail of my pain to its source. Then, with nurturing clarity, she empowered me to go deep inside myself at those root places to honestly see the source trauma and resulting beliefs with new eyes.  In that vulnerable raw powerful place, with Maureen as facilitator, she helped me help myself form a new inspiring mantra to replace the old outworn unhealthy pattern. Maureen helps us make positive new habits aligned with our hearts. The MO work is so beautiful because it is not just about letting go of the limiting past, but about co-creating what we do want to experience moving forward. 

Since my two sessions with Maureen, I have successfully completed a few of my 40 day mantras, and for some of my other new mantras, I have a only few more days to go. In the time since I have started the 40 day commitment, I have witnessed a remarkable change in myself. A synchronistic flow of the information and support I need for my intentions and affirmations arrives just when I need them. A cracking open and waking up, which can sometimes be intense, but I know I ready otherwise I wouldn't have called this change in. As a result, I have become lighter, happier, and clearer than I have thought possible. Friends have commented that I seem to be "shining" or "glowing" or "beaming". I attribute this to the power of committing to creating new positive habits that I have consciously chosen for my own happiness and well being. There is a magic here in the MO work. A powerful sweet spot where the spiritual support of Maureen Jones' MO system and my own personal commitment to evolve intersects. Thank you Maureen! ~L.L.