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"MO Technique" Finds the "Missing Link" Beneath All Illness New Book by Life-Long Nurse and Holistic Practitioner

In 1998, on the heels of a devastating divorce, Maureen Minnehan Jones was diagnosed with megaloblastic anemia, a blood disorder. A registered nurse for over 38 years and a hospice volunteer, Jones knew where her diagnosis was headed.

Rather than follow the path of traditional therapy, she decided to take 40 days off to immerse herself in a guided therapy technique she developed based on the work of Michael J. Lincoln, Ph.D., and Louise Hay, pioneers in the study of the emotional sources of physical illness.

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After all, guided therapy, laughter therapy, medical journaling, "healing touch," and other holistic modalities have been proven to boost immune systems, retard the spread of disease, and speed recovery from chemotherapy and surgery. Jones' "Modus Operandi”, MO Technique combines these therapies plus others, including self-talk, chakra therapy, energy work, and guided imagery, into an effective program for identifying and releasing emotional injuries.

When Jones returned to the oncologist after 40 days, her blood work was normal. Since then, she has helped hundreds of others suffering from a wide variety of diseases while perfecting the MO Technique. She explains her process and documents her results in the new book, Wisdom to Wellness: Healing Your Emotional Sufferings so the Physical Healing Can Follow (O Books, Spring 2011)

Jones' results are nothing short of remarkable. The book concludes with the signed testimonies of 14 people heralding the effectiveness of the author's methods. Other case histories are presented throughout the book, as Jones shows how the MO Technique applies to 18 specific diseases. Among them:

  • Meet Maura, suffering from vaginal cancer. She felt screwed by her ex-husband, then by her bank (p.21)
  • Meet Shannon, whose fibroids were possibly a result of her rejection of womanhood (p. 40)
  • Meet John, whose heart palpitations were symptoms of an unsteady love (p. 45)
  • Meet Nancy; the lymphoma in her neck was related to suffering in silence -- and now it's gone (p.48)
  • Meet Derek, HIV+ for 14 years; his T-cell count rises after the MO Technique (p. 91)
  • Meet Ronald Reagan. The author analyzes the late president's medical history and Alzheimer's (p. 108)
  • Meet Georgia, whose cancer may have been triggered by grief over the death of a spouse, but who is now cancer-free (p. 132)
  • Meet Trudy and Margaret, who both suffer from breast cancer, with similar emotional histories (p. 140)
  • Meet Jason, whose prostate cancer, now gone, reflected a lack of self-worth (p. 151)
  • Meet Brad, rigid and frustrated, who lightens up and lowers his cholesterol count (p. 159)
  • Meet Naomi Judd. The singer credits the benefits of emotional therapy for helping keep Hepatitis C in remission (p. 211)
  • Meet George, whose restless leg settles down after undergoing MO (p. 222)
  • Meet Lia, whose perfectionism might be behind her migraine headaches (p. 239)
  • Meet Jeff, whose Multiple Sclerosis stabilizes when he loses the, “have to" attitude (p. 247)
  • Meet Michael J. Fox, actor and spokesperson for research into Parkinson's disease. Were his problems related to an inability to be himself? (p. 252)

Maureen Minnehan Jones believes the root cause of all disease is the lack of self love. Most people prefer to blame someone else or something else for their sickness, rather than acknowledge the role their own emotions have played in allowing disease to take hold and spread.

Using the Modus Operandi or MO Technique, people can learn to identify the emotional underpinnings of disease and release anger, frustration, resentment, helplessness, and hopelessness. The result is that people learn to relax, release stress, and love themselves, with corresponding improvement in their immune systems and test results.

You can't help but feel better after reading this book. You'll learn to accept yourself for who you are and address issues that have been harming you for years. "Love is the best medicine," says author Maureen Minnehan Jones. Her book, Wisdom to Wellness, will teach you how to get that love flowing to where it will do you some serious good.

Please contact us for a free review copy of Wisdom to Wellness -- (O Books, ISBN 978-1846943997, 290 pages, paperback, $24.95) -- or an interview with author Maureen Minnehan Jones. We also have excerpts available for use in your publication, on your website or blog.Image removed.


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Maureen Minnehan Jones's book is effectively a masterpiece. This major breakthrough for both physical and mental healers will have a huge impact on how we regard and approach physical disorders.

-- Michael J. Lincoln, Ph.D., author of "Messages from the Body"

Simple and complex, powerful and easy to practice, this book should be read by everyone who aspires to healing and health.

-- Kathleen Brehony, Ph.D. author of "Awakening at Midlife," "Ordinary Grace," "After the Darkest Hour," and "Living A Connected Life"

"Wisdom to Wellness" ... offers a deep understanding of the truth behind how disease is created. More than that, it provides a new paradigm for living a healthy and whole life for all people. A must read!

-- Jennifer Tobias, author of "Live, Love and Earn: Creating Wealth While Working From Home" and "The Little Business That Wanted To Grow"

Maureen's enlightening and heart opening book, "Wisdom to Wellness," creates hope, understanding and a clear path through the stress and fear of illness to true healing.

-- Lynn Telford-Sahl MA, author of "Intentional JOY: How to Turn Stress, Fear and Addiction into Freedom"

For those who already know or intuit that self-love is the primary path for healing illness, this book absolutely nails the practical steps to get there from here. Practitioners in all modalities owe it to themselves and their patients to digest this book.

-- Lee Glickstein, Founder and President, Speaking Circles International

Maureen is offering us a life changing complement to the many self-healing techniques that exist.  Her MO Technique stimulates work/processing at many levels simultaneously – energetically, emotionally and rationally incorporating both right and left brain as well as the chakra system. I found it to provide a refreshing change of pace from the many self-help books available.

--Bev Hollander, BSN, MS, HNC-BC, FCN, 2010 President of Imagery International