Gina Vance

The "mind/body/spirit" I'd been hearing about sounded a bit scary; I envisioned all manner of weird and spooky ejaculations from a 'healer'. Smoke, mirrors, crystal balls. You name it. Not only would a healer look and act strange, but they'd try to coerce me into embracing their bizarre beliefs.

Maybe I saw too many "B" movies because I found Maureen to be so "normal", lovely and gifted. The work she did with me was so gentle, I felt safe and never judged. It was fascinating to see the before and after energy pictures of our sessions. And so nice to experience the hope brought out with the energy reading description and Maureen's kind encouragement. Not only was there a change evident on paper, but the way I moved through life and faced situations changed.

The shift was perceptible as I found myself experiencing a feeling of being more able and less afraid. Angels do seem to be among us. I recommend her highly and without reservation.